Start Up Investment

This chart outlines some key areas of the initial and ongoing investment. We help Saunatica owners to develop memberships and open quickly.

Per our 2022 Franchise Disclosure Document Initial Fees and Investment Terms Notes on Investment

Startup Investment

$396,165 to $597,790

For one studio

Initial Franchise Fee

*Military Discounts Available

2 studios: $90,000
3 studios: $120,000

On-going Royalty

6% of Gross Sales

Paid Weekly

Brand Development Fund

0% of Gross Sales now
Up to 2% of Gross sales

Also invest $3,500/month in local advertising and marketing

Grand Opening

$10,000 to $15,000

Included in startup range to help launch the studio

One week of pre-opening training is included in the Initial Franchise Fee. Join us in the southern California area where you will learn how to set up the studio, run daily operations, manage your advertising and local marketing plan, oversee financial management and membership through our technology platforms as well as how to manage your team in the studio

Here you will learn our proven systems, engage with members and guests as well as keep the operation clean, organized and efficient.

We offer additional training and support in your Saunatica studio as you get ready to open. As an owner, you have our ongoing guidance to develop, grow and become an active part of your local community