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Why own a Saunatica studio?

Low stress.
Happy people
Recurring revenue
membership model
Limited staff.
Low overhead
High tech, proprietary
membership system
Unique, distinctive

Our guests love visiting our clean bright and welcoming studios

Our founders started Saunatica to fill a gap in the industry. We live in a stressful and pollution-filled environment; from the amount of work people do, to the air quality to the food people eat, de-stressing often is essential. We want to help people visit our studios to unwind, let their body heal and thrive. Offering infrared sauna, red-light, salt and HALO therapy, Saunatica has the right solution for everyone. Packages never expire leading guests to come back once, twice or even more times a week.

Most (90%) choose membership for full access to all services available in the studio.
Saunatica is “Head to Toe detox” while reenergizing cells to facilitate recovery and growth. When a client comes in to a Saunatica studio, they can relax and let our studio team do the work. Our services are passive and have a high return on health and wellness with very little staff interaction. Services are conducted in private guest suites at a relatively affordable cost of service for our guests and members.

Tyler & Travis

Meet our Founders

Travis Vayssie
Travis was born and raised in California. In his financial career, he has been a credit counselor, online personal lender and financial services advisor – decided to team up with long time business partner and friend Tyler to open Saunatica
Tyler Kramer
Tyler moved to California in high school and teamed up with Travis to open several businesses staring in 2007. Looking to improve his energy and get better sleep, he found himself looking for a studio to unwind and re-energize. Not having much luck, he realized that there was an opportunity in the market and Saunatica was created and launched.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the startup costs and what do they include?

Currently, the range of investment is from $396,165 to $597,790 which includes the $50,000 initial franchise fee. Other estimated costs include 3rd party professional advisory fees, insurance, and 3-months of working capital. LEARN MORE

How much space do I need for this studio?

Your studio will be 1,000 to 1,200 square feet for 8 individual member suites. Sites need adequate parking and drive by traffic but do not have to be Class A real estate. We have specific site criteria which will help you evaluate real estate that would be a good fit for your Saunatica location.  We’ll review the space you want to use for your Saunatica studio. LEARN MORE

How long does it take to open?

You should be able to open in as few as 3 to 6 months, it depends on how quickly you find your site, fit out the studio, complete pre-opening steps and attend training. INQUIRE TODAY

Do I have to be an owner operator?

Yes, we want our owners to be actively involved. Some may hire a general manager to oversee day to day operations, while owners focus on marketing, studio development and management. LEARN MORE

Can I own more than one studio?

Yes. We believe some owners will operate multiple studios. We offer discounts on initial franchise fees for owners who commit up front to additional studios.  INQUIRE TODAY

How many employees are needed to operate the studio?

Typically between 1 to and 3 employees depending on the mix of part and full-time staff; someone to tour and set up a new guest, front desk to help re-book the next session or convert to membership, and studio support staff to assure cleaning and sanitization in between guests – employees can fill all roles if needed. LEARN MORE

What kind of marketing support do you offer to help develop members and guests?

We have a set program for the local marketing plan starting with your pre-opening membership drives. No need to reinvent the program, just put it into action and adjust to meet your local demographics and community. INQUIRE TODAY

Open your own Saunatica!

Five Steps to Open



Chat with us on a phone call


Complete our Confidential Questionnaire to receive our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD)


Visit us to Discover more about ownership – Meet the Team at Saunatic


Qualified candidates will become approved to join Saunatica


Start the onboarding process