Our brand is “selfie-ready” and our guests show how much they love us every day

Our founders started Saunatica to fill a gap in the industry. We live in a stressful and pollution-filled environment; from the amount of work people do, to the air quality to the food people eat, de-stressing often is essential. We want to help people visit our studios to unwind, let their body heal and thrive. Offering infrared sauna, red-light, salt and HALO therapy, Saunatica has the right solution for everyone. Packages never expire leading guests to come back once, twice or even more times a week. Most (90%) choose membership for full access to all services available in the studio.

Saunatica is “Head to Toe detox” while reenergizing cells to facilitate recovery and growth. When a client comes in to a Saunatica studio, they can relax and let our studio team do the work. Our services are passive and have a high return on health and wellness with very little staff interaction. Services are conducted in private guest suites at a relatively affordable cost of service for our guests and members.

Our guests love visiting our clean bright and welcoming studios! Our brand is “selfie-ready” and our guests show how much they love us every day.

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Why own a Saunatica studio?

Low stress.
Happy people
Recurring revenue
membership model
Limited staff.
Low overhead
High tech, proprietary
membership system
Unique, distinctive